Friday, May 8, 2015

Continued on My Kikipop Dolls!

I just wanted to share a quick post on my Kikipop girls. Here is more info. on the style and make of the dolls. Thanks to "" and to many who posted a review of the information in English! That way I don't have to repeat anything!

Here is a nude shot of Marmalade, her body and design. She is similar to Pure Neemo gals, but with ABS and PVC resin. So, she has a lot of weight similar to BJDs. I haven't removed her wig as yet and I heard that the eyes are interchangeable too? I need to look at her booklet and see? Her upper body can fit some Blythe fashions, dresses and tops. Her lower half is wider, so maybe clothing and shoes from toddler dolls or BJDs like YO SD and similar? I am currently trying out different things to see what she can and can't fit... More again soon!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

 Kikipop above are dressed in Volks 'Who's That Girl?" fashions. They can fit some 1/6 scale tops and dresses as long as it is loose on the lower half and not fitted. I am researching Yo SD pants, skirts etc. They might be a bit large? As for shoes, their feet are about 1 1/2 inches long or 3.9cm. So, shoes might be a challenge, but I am sure there are similar sizes out there. I have not gotten brave enough to take off their wig, if they do come off? ~ ggsdolls

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