Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm Going on an Adventure: Part Two

We made sure we set our alarms, and funny thing is... Guam is one hour ahead of Japan so getting up at 7am wasn't so bad, because it was actually 8am back home! LOL
 We got dressed, ate breakfast, and made sure we were at the Bus depot by 8:30am. We arrived at the front entrance to Tokyo Disneyland just in time! It was already crowded, but because we already had our etickets we lined up with those that also already had their tickets and went right in without a long wait in line! Yippee!

As soon as we entered Sam wanted me to rent a motorized wheelchair, thank goodness too. It was fairly easy to rent one and I had to learn how to use it, considering the dials were in Japanese! But, the staff were very nice and made sure we knew what to do. We could see the castle from the entrance and it was just surreal. Sara was so excited she couldn't keep still!
 We wanted to take photos with the Disney Characters, but the line to take a photo with Minnie was just ridiculous! So Sam snapped this shot!
 Just before going into the Bizarre, we found this cute Japanese girl dressed so kawaii, I made sure Sam took a shot of the girls with her!
 My shot below, the girls walked away from her so quickly, I didn't get a chance to capture the moment!!
 The Bizarre, filled with many shops, restaurants and people everywhere!!
 Gorgeous spring flowers too! The theme was "Easter"!

We decided to start with "ToonTown". Sara spotted a play area just before going to Minnie Mouse's House!
 Inside Minnie's House!
 Afterwards, the girls went into "Chip N Dale's Tree House"!
 Our first ride of the day, "The Gadget's Go Coaster". It was so much fun and the girls loved it, especially Sara! She even put her hands up in the air as the ride went down, truly a first for her!!
 Then, on to "It's a Small World"!

We decided to head to "Dumbo's" ride, but just before heading over there we were stopped by a Parade!

We wanted to do the "Big Thunder Mountain" ride, but there was a wait, and we decided to use a fast pass to go on. Only a 45min. wait. So, onto "Alice's Tea Cup" ride to kill time. It was a short wait for it and I decided to sit this one out and watch Sam, Taby and Sara! Lucky I did! Sam ended up feeling sick from that ride!!LOL

 Then, to Dumbo ride, and back to Big Thunder Mountain!
 We decided to eat lunch and had Pizza's and potato cakes. Yum! Then, we stay out of the sun and relaxed while Sam and Sara watched the same parade pass thru! As I sat watching the parade and people watching as well, I noticed many of the little girls wearing Princess character dresses, and women wearing these really cute tulle or tutu style skirts! I even saw people carrying popcorn filled containers, in "Mr. Potato Head", "The Alien" and "Baskets" or even Mickey designed containers!

We then decided to go to "Cinderella's Castle". Neither Sara nor Taby have ever been. I went when I was 7yrs. old. I found out Sam had never been to it either?!
 We went into a hallway and an elevator took us to the next floor showcasing different parts of Cinderella's story and artwork created in her theme!
Above, a short movie of the photo above! and Below, another video of a different art! So cool!

 One of the windows of the castle! Below, paper art...

Then, we decided to head to "Buzz Light Year's Astro Blaster"! Sadly, it was crazy worse than some of the other rides, so we decided to take a fast pass, which was a 2 hour wait. That's how popular this ride was!! So, we walked and saw "Monster's Inc." But that area was closed! Ugh, so sad too! Instead, we rested snacked a bit and went into the Haunted Mansion ride, Sam took Sara to the "Grand Circuit Raceway".
 Mickey Mouse shaped nuggets!

We rode a few more rides and went back around to "WesternLand" and found the "Mr. Potato Head" popcorn kiosk there! I forgot to mention we also go Taby a cute Disney themed Tulle Skirt! I will post a photo of it later! I made sure she wore it too!
 The was setting over Disney land and we decided to stay the whole day... and we were so glad we did too! There was an "Electric Light Parade" and "A Laser Light" Show on the castle!!

 One of our last rides was on Buzz Light Year! You are able to shoot at targets while moving thru space to try to get Zurg. It was so much fun, Sara and Taby scored 2600, I scored 8700, and Sam beat us all with a high score of 70,400!

 We headed out to the Bizarre, in hopes of buying a few more goodies, and also to eat some dinner. We had hotdogs and fries. Headed back to the place where we rented the electric wheelchair and turned it in. In the end, it was a successful adventure! Sara will never forget, and neither will we! We got back to our hotel room about 11pm! Time for bed, wake up, pack for our return home...

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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