Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In the Midst of a Typhoon!

Guam was recently hit by a Category 2 Typhoon named, "Dolphin", not a serious one, but apparently serious enough to shut down power just before the storm actually hit us. Mostly windy, a bit rainy, but nothing I felt too worried about...

We ended up losing power at 3pm on Friday afternoon, the storm was going to hit us by 8pm that evening. It was nothing too serious, Thank you Lord. Mostly, tree damage, and some flooding. Still we ended up losing power, and then, water by Saturday morning! We tried to brave the heat that was to come by Saturday night into Sunday morning, by then, the storm had left us and took all the wind and cool weather with it! The heat started to set in, ugh!

Generally, with a weak storm like this one, water and power don't go out?! So I was a bit confused as to why it did, and I still am... We ended up staying at a friend's place up north to enjoy her nicely still powered air-conditioned home, and still flowing water in the taps! But we had to head back home by Monday early evening, in hopes that all was back to normal. Water was restored by Sunday morning, as my husband and I lay in bed, with a generator running a fan, by 11pm last night we hear our A/C turn on! Whew, life is almost back to normal!
Above, a photo I took as we left Tamuning and headed back down south to Inarajan.

While in the heat of it all, I refrained from doing anything toy or dolly related... and all is well, with no damage to my collection or merch! I'm just very humbled by the little blessings...

Still no reasons given via news, etc. as to why most of the power was lost through out the island? Some homes, as I am writing, are still with out power restored!!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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