Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Large Box from Yahoo Japan Arrived!!

It has been a super long day today! But, I was able to open this latest box and take photos too! Whew! You see we got our tax refund late last week and had to go uptown to pay bills and pay off credit cards, etc. along with picking up mail... So, its been crazy, but I'm glad most of it was done!! Now on to the goodies that arrived!!
 The Mother Load of all vintage goodies!! I received a High Fashion Lina fashion set on commission, a Lot of Sketch Book Bag and extras, more below! A Chipmunk necklace and accessories, Jenny perfume set, Miyako M. eraser, and Rune Naito Purse!
 This amazing Lot above, was not too cheap, but filled with many goodies, I would have otherwise paid a lot more for!! The lot included a Masako Watanabe sketch bag in mint condition with strap(to be added to shop), a box of Colleen Makoto T. pencils, a box of Mitsubishi Miyako M. pencils(for the shop), a set of Miyako M. colored pencils(for the shop), an overlay artist ? (also for the shop), Masako W. School Memo case booklet( for the shop), a set of small origami papers(for the shop), and a Masako W. Bento box!
 This lovely sketch book bag is in amazing condition for its age and still has it tag on. There is also a strap(not shown) to lock into place for easy carrying on your shoulder!
 This amazing Bento box below. My favorite and one of the reasons why I bidded on the Lot!
 I will keep this gem for my collection!
 Unused and with amazing Masako Watanabe artwork!!
 This gorgeous set of 6 purple and 6 pink pencils by Colleen Brand is unused and the box is so cute too! I will add to my collection and exchange it with a set I kept, for the shop!
 I love the artwork by Macoto Takahashi, both the front and back side of the box is gorgeous!

 Also another set of 12 pencils, but with artwork by Miyako Maki, comes in orange and red Mitsubishi Brand pencils! Unused.
 Even the artwork on this box is amazing. Especially the backside!! A mod dressed retro girl!

 The lot also included, this cute small set of origami papers in retro girl and boy prints! So cute! Even comes with two tiny memo booklets to write in!
 I love the ballerina print cover. The artist I am not sure of on this one?
 Below, this shijitaki or underlay, artist ? and a set of 12 colored pencils with artwork by Miyako M. To be added together as a lot in my shop too soon!

 Finally, from the lot this amazing white Masako Watanabe school memo booklet, with amazing artwork through out! Retro girl in the front cover...
 Cute retro girl in the back playing piano...
 Inside, the memo pad also has a cute retro girl posing.
 This will also be added to the shop! Two retro girls singing...

Separate from the goodies above, I found this cute set of a retro chipmunk or squirrel. Very Ayumi Uyama in style too. I've owned some brooches with similar design, but a cute chipmunk!? Never, so I will keep this cutie!!
 It came with a butterfly necklace and flower hair clip, that I will add to the shop later!
 How can you resist this cute necklace!! Not me! LOL
 I then, also found this cute Jenny basket style case.
 You can open below. I have plans for this one... more later!
 An accessory set for Jenny. This one comes with a tiny perfume bottle, mirror, and pearl necklace. For my collection.

While searching, I found this unopened Miyako Maki eraser! It was cheap, so I Binned it anyways...

Lastly, this amazing Rune Naito? Posedoll retro girly bag in red. Such cutie girls on the front pocket. A nice carry bag to hold dollies or fluffy friends?! I will add to the shop soon as well...

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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