Friday, May 29, 2015

Lots of Boxes Arrived!!

Since getting back from Japan, I hadn't picked up mail! So, there were at least more than 5 boxes waiting for me at the local PO!
 One box above from Yahoo Japan, included a Lot of cute posedoll type art notebooks and memo pads, along with an unopened set of finger puppet animals! The other box below, included two types of animal toys, and a vintage glico box unopened!

Then, two boxes from Hobby Search and Amiami. From Hobby Search I ordered this cute Obitsu grey Alice fashion for 11cm dolls! Through Amiami, I pre-ordered the Fuchiko no Cupo "Navy" set! A Fashion from etsy, socks, and shoes from Dollmore for Kikipop!

 This unopened vintage set of animal finger puppets are just so cute. Includes a doggie, elephant, cat, panda, and bunny! I will add to my shop soon!

For 500yen, I got this unopened box of Glico candy and toy. This was the very same design of Glico candies we used to get here on Guam. I remember the pitcher on the top left! I used to wish to get it or find it! I had the candies thrown out, but I will keep the box for display!
Inside, cute rose earrings!

Below, I won a large lot of notebooks and memo pads. Each quite unique with cute artwork by Mayo and Noriko. Not sure of their full names? But they look similar to Junichi's Artwork. I will add these to the shop as well!

I also found these amazing vintage toy pieces. They are actually called, "Reminding Panda or Tiger" They can be placed on a door or desk and you can write yourself a reminder on their little sign. They will rock back and forth, to help you remember something! LOL I just love their cute big eyes and vintage look!
 They both come in their original boxes.

 The instructions...

 The cute Tiger below!

Here is Chibi Lipu wearing the cute Alice dress by Obitsu!

Cute nerdy Fuchiko!
My faves are the two below. I will add the others in my For Sale page!

One of the Gatcha Gatcha I got from the airport. A cute Chocotto Animal!

 The dress on the Marmalade Brown is from a seller on etsy! I love the design and colors so yummy! She is able to fit Blythe size tops and dresses, as long as they are short sleeved or tanks.

 I then, got these cute Dollmore shoes! I love em' and need to try to order more! Kikipop can fit "Dear Doll" size shoes.
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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