Thursday, May 7, 2015

Small Packet from Yahoo Japan and KikiPop!!

Today was another amazing mail day!! I got notice actually Yesterday, Wednesday, that a box from Japan had arrived, but because I couldn't make it uptown. I went today instead, and I knew that my girls were here!! First, I will share what came in the small packet... Then, onto my Kikipop girls!!
 This small packet for my collection, a glico 'Flower Girl Lunlun' case, and a vintage retro girl toy jewelry set!

Cute unopened vintage girl jewelry, with two heart pendants, one with an interesting anime girl. Her eyes don't have an white in them so they kind of look alien to me!! LOL Also comes with a hair clip, and beaded necklace. I love the vintage packaging below... look at all the cute retro girly treasures in the jewelry box!!

The Toei Animation Flower Girl Lunlun Glico case with box below! I thought this was just amazing to find. I guess Glico must have done a Toei Animation series of toys for its candy line, because if you look at the box that held this cute treasure, it showcases each of the Toei Animation anime TV shows that ran during the time...
 Above front of the case, the box has 'Doraemon', the other side is 'Flower Girl Lunlun' shown on the bottom left!

 Top right photo, has that cute squirrel and on the box above, it's 'Aim for the Ace'! Inside is a tiny booklet!

 I also got these cute retro girl stickers from etsy!! I just couldn't resist them. Very nice puffy stickers, remind me of the puffy stickers I used to buy as a child to stick onto my folders for school!! Ahh, the memories! But I will used these on the cute vintage suitcases!!
 Place a cute blonde retro girl on this vintage dolly hat suitcase! Just to cute! Below, I took out the Licca perfume set for a closer look. The mirror is actually a mirror, no sticker mirror here!

 Yes, I was able to pre-order these Kikipop girls below!! A special collaboration by Kinoko Juice and Azone International! I was so thrilled to get them... At first, I only wanted the Pink haired gal, but I am so glad I got them both!! I also got the folder and special post card.
 The boxes are similar to most of Azone's style doll boxes, with these cute girls safely packed away...
 As I inspected them, I notice they have tight joints, a plus for me. Sadly, with the exception of their neck joints... ugh! Their heads kept moving side to side as I was taking off their jackets.

Their eyes are so gorgeous, and with eyelashes too! Their hair seem like wigs? I can see a cloth scalp. But I am too afraid to try to pull off the hair from the head, for fear it isn't a wig?! Their hair is also very soft. I am reminded that they are similar to Pure Neemo dolls, and not a ball-jointed doll, but they also seem like they are?!

Have I confused you? LOL I may have confused myself in the process too?! I will play with them a bit more before I can finish my thoughts on them here... Off to play with the girls!!

To be continued...

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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