Saturday, July 25, 2015

Amazing Find! Les Maison de Tadie Muz!

I'm still in awe of this amazing find!! When I started to search for beautiful dolls from France, I fell in love with a petite doll name Tadie Muz, Kiraz dolls, and Caprice. I used to own three Tadies believe or not!
 - Second Tadie

 Then, I fell in love with her house. Yes, Tadie Muz had a house! Since 2009, I've been hoping that one day I would find a cheap Tadie Muz house? I've since sold all 3 of my Tadie dolls... Then, last summer, I found a complete Tadie house, but sadly, it sold before I could convince my husband to help me get it-_-; truly sad. Then, I figured it was not meant to be... This summer, I was able to find an almost complete house!!

It arrived to me fairly quickly and I had to take my time opening the box and looking through all that was in it!
 The cover above and below.

After opening the box. These are the items I found still inside. Sadly, it was not complete. But still I can't complain it was cheap!
 Furniture pieces: futon bed, 3 tulip dining chairs, 1 Saarinen tulip chair for Knoll, dresser, tub, toilet, urinal, sink, and cardboard flowers. Missing pieces: Kitchen set, 1 tulip dining chair, credenza, dining table, coffee table, and two metal Bertoia chairs for Knoll (the pieces I wanted the most-_-; besides the Saarinen chair).
 It took me almost two days to put the house together. No instructions. Luckily, I was able to see a friend's Tadie house online to help me. All the wall pegs were complete, the only thing that I found that was missing, was 1 wall panel, and 4 acrylic doors. But I figured a way to fix it... more on this soon!
 Here is the house with the furniture pieces that it came with. Somewhat bare...

 The front door, still has the Tadie Muz sign! Below, the net curtains that came with the house, was filthy dirty! But with just a bit of soap and water and it survived!

Then, I furnished it with other pieces I already had, along with rement, and other miniatures!
 Dining area...


 Kitchen, I used 1/12 scale pieces... a bit small, but just as an example.

 With the roof put together...
It was fun to put together and to see what I can and can't find, amongst my collection to help the house feel more complete... More on this amazing dollhouse soon!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. wow I can't believe you got your hands on this! it's on my wish list too :) Congrats!!

    1. HI Fish,

      Thank you so much! I've been searching for one since 2008! So it was quite a surprise! many hugs for your lovely thoughts dear! gg

  2. Hi, I will put a Tadie Muz House this week on ebay.



    1. HI Artplacet,

      Ohhh! I will definitely check it out dear! Thanks for letting me know!! Many hugs, gg