Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mail Loot for Most of June!!

We finally made it back to Guam around 6pm Guam time, on Wednesday evening. The flights were the worse, but it felt so good to be home! I miss my sister and her family, but it is nice to be back to my hubby and our little island!

Sam was very kind to pick up the mail while I was away! So, here are all the goodies that awaited me while I was gone!! Most will be added to my For Sale page here and my etsy shop too! So be sure to check it out!!
 Above are items from Yahoo Japan! I received two boxes, inside, a dimestore large doll MIP, Bandai Character Mushroom Toy with candy, Glico Toei Animation Squirrel hair clip, lot of Creamy Mami figures, Lot of 3 retro girl memos, two First Gen. Licca sticker sets, Azone 1/12 scale Lolita dress, 1/12 scale shoes Lot, Lot of Glico girls toys, and a vintage Venice Shijitaki/underlay!
 An Azone Pico Neemo Fashion, I really wanted the black version, but most online shops sold out. I found this one via Yahoo Japan. Reasonably priced...
 Cute 1/12 scale shoes for Arnval. I can't wait to try them on her!? More soon...
 I found this Bandai toy set, not sure the name of the anime. But I just loved the Mushroom house. I would like to use it in some doll photos soon! A prop for my collection!

 On the box, the other sets that were available, about 1980s or 90s? More research to be done!
 Below the finish set, with two cute dragon characters!

 Creamy Mami figures, after a seeing a friends blog with the same cuties, I just had to get myself a set!! More on them soon too!
 A unique Dimestore dolly still Mint in Package. I love her face, but was surprised at how large she is?!! About 15inches tall! I may add her to the shop?!
 She only came with socks, poor girl! The packaging has "Popeye, the sailor" on it! Wild!
 I also won this cute Glico "Toei Animation" Squirrel hair clip. I'm assuming it is the character from "Swan Lake"? not sure, have to do more research on it! Still so cute, with attachment flower stem and butterfly!

My latest Glico toy Lot retro girl haul! Many items too cute for words. Most will be added to my shop!

Also this amazing memo lot below. All artwork by Yukiko Tani. It was sold cheap, and included the red memo case with pencil, Yukiko Tani memo case missing its pencil, and a Memo case with mirror. Two of the memos will be added to the shop!
 My favorite, this memo below. Sadly, the memo itself has only one sheet left and is missing the pencil. The artwork on the front of the memo was riddled with pencil markings as shown below...
 On the left my "Before" photo, on the right my "After" photo. I was able to erase most of the writing on her lovely face! Whew!
The back side of the case probably had some stickers? because there is a knob you can turn and the circles inside show a view of something? not sure what was supposed to be there. On the right photo of the case you can put a pencil the example above shows where! I borrowed the pencil from the case below! LOL
 I've seen this case before, cute Memo case, like a tiny radio. but instead of an antennae it is a pencil! Inside below, shows the memo itself.
 and the example of the pencil antennae! I will be adding this amazing retro case to my shop!
 An amazing Yukiko Tani memo with mirror!
 Lovely artwork by Yukiko of a retro girl in her wedding dress above, and below, a retro girl surrounded by flowers.
 Inside the notebook is in mint condition with the same artwork at the one cover. Below, the mirror.
 I was able to acquire this lovely Shijitaki/ Underlay thru a vintage online shop in Japan! I've been wanting this since seeing a dear friends very same overlay on her flickr stream here! Thanks a lot dear Xoxo for making me drool over yours for years! LOL
 So amazing. I love the artwork and its not as thick as the other underlays I have. Soft vinyl. It will be a part of my collection!

A Lot of vintage cake toppers from ebay. Of course I wanted for the little boys and girls on the right! I am hoping to repaint them and add them to the shop for those that might want miniatures of these cuties to add to their dollhouses!!

 A shipment from Hobby Search below also came in!!
 1/12 scale vintage wooden desks set for props!
 Another pre-order set of Azone Int'l, Pico neemo dress, Pure neemo Futon set, and 1/12 scale Pico neemo futon set of two!

 I was also able to pre-order the latest Kitan Club Smart Phone Futon set! Some will be added to my For Sale page!!
 From etsy here, I found this Blythe floral dress, for Kikipop and shoes for my Pure neemo dolls!
  More Dollmore doll shoes for Kikipop gals! Also, before I left my sister's I found these cute American Girl eye glasses at Michaels! Too cute to pass up!
 I found these Ho scale figures, a fairy and mermaid brushing her hair. I have so many plans for these tiny figures, but just need time to get to them!! LOL

 Finally, this Rement Strawberry Lot set number 5 I believe? I wanted to get for the cute picnic basket! Thru ebay for my collection!
It sure feels good to be home. Now, to update my For Sale page and etsy shop too!

Thanks for much for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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