Friday, July 3, 2015

More on the Goods!

I finally had time to open stuff up and take them out!! Here on Guam we are preparing for a Typhoon, so I couldn't doing anything else except secure things at home, get groceries, gas, etc. Now, prepared for the storm, I had free time to play!!

I opened the Kitan Smartphone Futon sets and kept two styles. The secret style below has pink and red hearts on it along with two pillows instead of one. Too cute! Sara ended up keeping it...

 I forgot to post a pic of the Rement/Petit Sample: Omoide no Koukou Seikatsu set I pre-ordered from Amiami!?
 I fell in love with it for the cute bag and cell phone! But all the goodies inside are just adorable and great for 1/6 scale dolls, with the exception of the desk, chair, and teacher desk, more like 1/12 scale to me... More on this set soon!
 Then, I realized I hadn't shown my generic EOS lip balm Revo, from WA! I found it thru Dollartree. Cute small and watermelony! My EOS is almost finished too! Whew!

I also put together my Creamy Mami figures and here they are! Just too cute! Notice I used the gift boxes I found at Tukwila Daiso! I wish I had gotten the third house. -_-;

Arnval below, trying out the Pico neemo dress set...
 I added the apron from another Pico set. She looks so adorable not to post a photo!!
Kikipop girls, Pink trying out the floral dress from etsy and the white Dollmore shoes! Very unique!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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