Sunday, July 19, 2015

Today's Goodies!

Just a small packet from Japan arrived. But with some goodies, I won back in June, while on vacation!
 Inside, Ciao Jenny doll, a cute doggie memo, and two vintage TV style pencil cases!
 Ciao Jenny above and below. I've always wanted to get a Jenny doll with ponytails! So, one day, while just sitting in my sister's living room, found this gal up for auction. Jenny was my very first Japan-made doll back in 1987! Not this particular doll, but still she was my intro to Anime big eyed dolls from Japan!

 Below, the lovely vintage TV pencil case! I simply fell in love with the design and art inside, and I knew that you could possibly move the pictures shown on the screen because of the little pink dial! How awesome is that? Being able to change out the artwork on front to give your pencil case a different look every time! Whoa, ingenious!
Inside, places to put pencils, erasers, etc. I was able to win two pencil cases. One for myself, one for my shop! The artwork below is the one I fell in love with first! It reminds me of Miyako Maki's beautiful ladies! But, the artwork is actually by Mihoko Matsuo! I think I've found another artist to love?!!
 I could not get the dial to move the pages. So, I took apart one of the pencil cases without any problems. Below, is what it looks like inside. A very simple design, sadly, even with cleaning the rubber that allows the pages to move, I couldn't get it to run smoothly. Well, it's still a beautiful vintage piece. I decided not to glue the cover back, that way I could manually change out the pages...

 The front cover above. A lovely ballerina surrounded by flowers! There are a total of seven different lovely retro girl art pages, and I love em' all!

Truly gorgeous! My current page on the pencil case above!

 Lastly, a mini memo of vintage plush animals was just too cute to pass up! An addition to my collection! It was a bit expensive, but worth it for the vintage art!
 I just had to take a shot of it with my re-imagined felt miniature plush doggies!
 Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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