Saturday, September 5, 2015

Matilda Pink on Tadie Muz!!

I wanted to redress Tadie in one of her vintage style fashions!!? So, I decided to get the most amazing person I know, to recreate one of Tadie's hard to find fashions!! Diana L. of Matilda Pink on etsy here! Was the right person for the job!! If you don't know who this amazing woman is, you have got to type in "Matilda Pink Doll Fashions" on google, and you will find amazing 60s and 70s style fashions created for dolls!!

I had Diana recreate the yellow shirt dress as shown on a Tadie catalog photo below!
Mind you, Diana didn't own a Tadie doll, I just gave her measurements and she did the rest! Along with some mention of similar type size dolls... Diana did an amazing job! I paid for the dresses and they arrived to me very quickly from the States!
I wanted two dresses, one in yellow, and one in baby blue!! They looked amazing!! I just couldn't wait to try them on Tadie?!!

Now, of course Diana mentioned because this was done with just measurements, she wasn't sure it would fit her well. But let me say, Diana you are a miracle worker dear!! They fit her perfectly dear!!
 Tadie looks amazing in the dress! My favorite dress on her for sure!!

Even the baby blue dress is too cute for words!
I can't wait to set up Tadie's house and showcase her inside along with her new dresses. Thank you Diana L. of Matilda Pink! My Tadie is gorgeous in her latest fashions! I will definitely be back for more amazing fashions from Diana!!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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