Wednesday, September 2, 2015

More Work on Tadie Muz House!

Since getting the Maison de Tadie Muz... I've been trying to find furniture pieces to replace the items that are missing from the set. So far, so good.

Below, I found this vintage VERO Puppenmobel set. Includes a cabinet, tv, table, chair, stool, radio, flower with vase, and even doile!
 I mainly got it for the round table! I figured I could recreate the round low table that is missing from Tadie's house!?
 So, what I did was cut out a round circle of cardboard, and placed the "wood" contact paper on the front and back sides of the cardboard. (Not Shown). I placed some mounting tack, instead of glue, only because I didn't want to stick the new table top permanently.
 Placed the table on top, and the end result below! Now, Tadie has the round sofa table I am missing!

Since I have an extra TV, I decided to take the base off and change what is showing on this TV! Generally, these vintage TV's are fairly easy to disassemble, because the glue that was used to hold them are not tacky any more. So, I just twisted the base and took it off. Then, the front face of the TV, can pop out with the help of tweezers or a safety pin, as shown below.
 I printed out a vintage TV cartoon, in this case, "That Girl" 1972 animation! For Tadie to watch, even though it wasn't released until about 4 years later...LOL!
 I glued the cut photo in place and snapped back the front cover! Now, I have Tadie watching a new show! I will keep the base off this TV. That way this TV can be placed on a shelf or cabinet.
I also received some lovely "White Leaf" designed pillows from a shop on etsy, here! A nice addition to my growing pillow collection for my dollhouses!

Not, Tadie related stuff below...
 I found a green teeny tiny typewriter for my Rooms in Miniature set! Above, are all the colors I have now! Also, this lovely vintage Child's hanger with cute girl art and the name, "Tina" on it! I've been drooling over my dear friend Xoxo's baby's hanger, here! I just had to get one! LOL Not as nice and bright as hers, but still a lovely vintage piece, that I want to hang on my dolly cabinet!

 Last, I picked up a 1/6 scale navy blue umbrella, below thru ebay too!
 It's just like the life-size version, it has the belt to hold it and when you open up the umbrella there is a notch to keep the umbrella in place! Just too cute!

 Tadie trying out the umbrella this morning!
 Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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