Monday, September 21, 2015

Recent Goodies!!

Here's what came in from Saturday's mail and Monday's!

 I received this lovely set of vintage bookmarks from etsy! Hui-shan even gave me a cute underlay too! So kind of her! I just love the cute cats and duckies! Such sweet vintage art!! For my collection!

These lovely Eico Hanamura vintage notebook and also vintage sketchbook with art by Youko Kitajima! Both from my friend!

 Eico's famous artwork that adorns her latest book too! At the backside, a cute paper doll too! These notebooks will be a part of my collection!

 The Youko K. sketchbook above, I love her retro girls eyes and below there are two pages with these three girls on it to color! The sketch book is smaller than the usual one's I find. So, it fits nicely into my container for storage! Yippee!

Lovely, vintage Vero? or Modella? Kitchen pieces. I got them for 'The Project Tadie's house", I'm still working on! More on them later...
 I will be using the cabinet that goes above the sink, the sink itself, and maybe the stove vent?! The closet and extra cabinet shelf, I may not use? We will see...

 I also won this lot of vintage posedoll calendars! From the 1970s, 80s, etc.! I will put all of them into my shop soon!
 Just gorgeous keepsakes of times gone by. These were probably used in a lady or girls room?! Each notebook attached has the month with dates for that year!

 Amazing vintage dolly graphics! Very unique!

 Lastly, this amazing reproduced vintage pink bike! I found thru etsy here! The seller, Sophie, shipped it fast and if you haven't noticed, this is the very same or similar bike that KukuClara used in the Marmalade Sky doll's product photos!! I was so thrilled to find it! I've been wanting a similar bike for my girls to ride on!! I originally wanted the blue, but she only had it in pink...

 Tadie below going for a ride...

 Great for small dolls like KukuClara, Aram or Tadie dolls, maybe even Kiraz dolls?!!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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