Saturday, September 5, 2015

Today's Mail from Japan!

Here is what else came in the mail today!! Then yen is picking up... So, my purchases have slowed down some, for items coming from Japan... But I was still able to get these goodies in!
 A lot of Rubber type dolls vintage, and a Lot of Glico girly toys.
 The Lot above, I mostly wanted for the dresser! I will be adding the rest of the lot to my shop! Some very cute pieces too. There is even another Marie Antoinette character doll and carriage!

This cutie pie below, will be added to the shop also. A vintage hanging dolly with bells. These were popular to hang on a door, and you can hear the tiny bells.

 Also a cute little Octopus hanging toy. His character looks familiar... ? Just not sure from what? He will also be added to the shop too!

 The last item from the Lot is this amazing mint Retro girl with closed eyes! I've been wanting one for years!! Finally! I will talk more about her soon! She will be added to my collection!

This cute Tulle skirt made for blythe, that I got from an etsy shop, finally came in. It did take awhile. Now, to try it on one of my dollies?!

I also bought a few more vases from the same seller thru ebay, that I got the orange one from.
 I loved the shape and style of the blue wood turning vase, and then the green. Quite unique. They seem a bit larger as compared to the acrylic orange vase I got first... maybe better in a 1/6 scale dollhouse?!
 Still, they are a nice addition to my miniature scenes!
Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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