Friday, September 11, 2015


I received a vintage Circuit 24 IDE FRANCE LES JOUETS MUZ Catalog from France today! Inside, it has a few of the popular Muz toys for girls and boys alike! I wanted the catalog mainly for the lovely Tadie Muz doll information in it!! More about Tadie Muz in my other posts here too!

 Front cover above and below!

Some of the pages from inside. There are a total of 8 pages. The last 4 are of Tadie Muz!

It showcases her Houses and the accessories that come with it. From my translations and reading, there are a total of four houses, Tadie Muz Residence, two styles of Tadie Muz House, and Tadie Muz Bungalow!
Also, Tadie doll and her fashions! I have translated and scanned the pages. Here is an example below!
It's amazing how so much effort and thought went into the design of the house and its furniture! I wonder what it was like as a child seeing this ad and trying to get their parents to buy it? I heard it was quite expensive even for that time! Eek! Definitely why it is rare to find nowadays...

I have seen, from my searches, mostly The Tadie Muz house, and also The Bungalow once. But, I have yet to see the other style Tadie House or her Residence?! The frame can be interchanged, so I will see if I can create a different look for the main doorway, when I put the house together again!?

If you are interested in getting a copy? I have translated and scanned the four pages, and they available for $5. Just email me!

 Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Comme un enfant , ils aiment jouer et jouer tout type de jouets . Ils sont en profiter.
    Axes Children

    1. Hi Osbaldo,

      Yes, I agree with you dear! Many hugs, gg