Friday, October 30, 2015

Tamura Setsuko Dolly and More!

Today, I received a rare dolly released by Takara probably around the 1970s from artwork by Tamura Setsuko! Her name is "Hello Happy Melanie". Hopefully, I got her name correct, as the translation from google said, "Mel-knee"...

 The front of her box and backside. Takara released about five dolls in the series. Melanie is a cute "Holly Hobbie" type dolly. She has curly golden blonde hair with a ribbon on top, and often wears patterned dresses with aprons. The dolls come with sewing kits with a different activity for each doll. The set I got, looks like beads to make a necklace. Along with the dolls, Takara also sold, wooden cut-out kits, that when completed are furniture pieces you can make for her! There's a shelf, a bench, a table, and chair. The wood kits I've seen often, but the doll, seldom through Yahoo Japan. -_-;

 Melanie on the side of the box above, Tamura's lovely artwork. The box opened on the right, and booklet.

 Inside, her booklet, her introduction. Below, the other Melanie dolls!

 Melanie is made in a unique way, her dress does not come off, and for good reason. Her hands are basically sewn onto the sleeves, with stuffing along the arms. If you look underneath her skirt, her body is separate from the arms, and her legs are also stuffed, with plastic socks and shoes.
 Here she is holding onto her sewing kit project above and below!
 Inside, I see beads, thread cards, a name tag? Not sure...

 Her hands are in a unique pose too! Looks like she is saying "A OKAY" LOL. She has the cutest face, and smile. I love her freckles too!

Just wanted to add too, my Liddle Kiddle and her mushroom house!
 Also, Tadie decided to take a walk with her doggie...
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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