Thursday, October 1, 2015

Today's Mail from Around the World!

Today, I received some goods from around the world... Places like Japan, Germany, China, and USA!

This amazing Vintage 1970s German Bodo Hennig Living Room Set came from an etsy shop in the U.S.! I had been eyeballing this wonderful set for a few years now... When I first saw it, I knew where it came from but, I was patiently waiting for the seller to drop the price... and it was worth the wait!
 My set came with the mod paper lamp you see, two blue with white fuzzy chairs, two orange fuzzy chairs with white, and a wooden coffee table with metal base. I'm not sure if the coffee table and lamp are original to the set as you can't see them in the complete set from the link below?! The set is missing the shelf system, the shag carpet, and white coffee table and mod lamp! You can see the complete set here!
 Still, the set is amazing and I know they will look great in Tadie's House too!
 The lamp above, has plastic sheet paper with metal base stand, and plug. The bulb was not in the lamp... A gorgeous addition to my collection!

 This lovely vintage German Retro TV viewer. I have plans for this one!!? More soon!

I received the second release Kikipop Dolls also from Japan! I will add these to my For Sale Page if you are interested?! I reserved these gals back in February, thinking I might miss out on the release, but my friend was able to get my gals from the first release!! Ugh! Too many Lovelies, I can keep up with them all... So they will be available at regular price!

 My copy of the DollyBird Volume 22 came in as well from Japan! Can't wait to see all the hub-bub Atomaru is getting for her lovely Doran Doran Aram dolls! So happy for her!!

Finally, these amazing retro 1/24 scale television sets from China! I got them through ebay! They're cute with Mickey, but I wanted to watch something else! So...
 I upcycled them with retro anime I can't resist!!
 Above, the red TV and below the yellow TV. Both will be added to my shop!
They are great in 1/24 scale dollhouses or even in 1/12 scale too! Cute and retro!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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