Friday, November 27, 2015

Our Awesome Stay-cation Guam! Part Uno

After Thanksgiving, my husband and I decided to spend the weekend at our friend's condo with the girls. We left Inarajan late Friday afternoon and made our trek north. We asked the girls where did they want to eat dinner at?

The usual silence was given... So, I made the suggestion, Jack in the Box? All the yes's had it! So, we went there first. We only have one on island, and Sam rarely wants to go there. So, it was a treat for the girls when we did...

 Sam bringing our dinner over, and Sara enjoying her nuggets meal!

 I generally get a #1. But for all of us, our favorite are the curly fries!!
 Tabytha not really one to enjoy photos being taken of... It was nice to see even Jack is learning the local language below. "Maila' ta fan boka!" means "Come and eat!" in my native language, Chamorro.

After dinner, we decided to take the scenic route. We proceeded south along Tumon, and saw that the 'Christmas on Guam' display was already up! Yay! We parked the car and got down to enjoy the lights and decor.
 The entrance above, and below after the entrance, a large screen showcasing lovely wintery scenes as music plays on the loud speaker. I believe, "Winter Wonderland" was playing at this point...
 So many people everywhere. I just took a few shots, as the girls and I walked around. Sam was taking his big camera out to take photos. Then, it started to rain! Oh no!
 Beautifully lit trees with ornaments above, and below, this quite unique tree too!
 Shy Sara with Olaf below...
 A large scale Nativity below, and on the right side, not photographed, was a Santa's workshop! Crowded with people, so I didn't take a photo of it...

We left as the rain got worse and stopped by a grocery store for some snacks and breakfast food items for the morning. Then, to the condo we went...
Yummy Hershy's Candy Cane kisses! My first time trying them too!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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