Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mohair Wig for German Tadie and New Info!

I decided to try a mohair wig this time, on Tadie or maybe I need to change her name to "Rita"?! Not only did I get a wig in the mail today, but a good friend, "criscrash13" via flickr found a publication from Spain of a company that made similar dolls to the one from Germany?! Wild!

Tadie clone below with the mohair wig, made for Lati Yellow, but I wanted a fuller hair style for her with curls, I may just get her a red-haired mohair wig next time? There is just something about mohair that I love, the natural look of the hair and how you can easily style them too!

Here she is below in my cabinet with the other Rita Pavita doll! Big and Little sisters!

1967, Lanco made in Spain catalog ad below: The dolls were named, "Rita Pavita"! Truly awesome information to learn. So now we know!

A full size copy of the same page below, from Clania's blog!
Thank you for viewing! ~ ggsdolls

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