Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Oyatsu Box Is In!

As I mentioned before in a post here, I got hip to subscription boxes for this month, and my Oyatsu or Japanese snacks box is in from!

I actually learned about them from a friend's blog here! She was showcasing each of her yummy Japanese snacks from Oyatsu as well, and I decided that it would be interesting to try out a box for myself. Mind you, we do get some Japan-made snacks here on Guam already, but some of the one's shown on the website, I have yet to try out?!
 I got the premium box above, which give about 10 - 14 full size snacks! Yup, a lot of goodies. There are 3 types of subscriptions too! Which is nice if you just want to send a small box as a gift to a friend or your child! The price is nice too and includes s/h already! Yay!

Inside, a pamphlet in English of all the yummy snacks! Nice! Ohh, is that a gashapon  I spy? Yippee!

The box has so many Japanese goodies, Caramel Dipped Pocky, my fave, Yum!  Rice crackers in the shape of noodles, pear flavored gummies, chocolate panda-shaped cookies, and fish gummies too?! Yup, I said fish!
 The pamphlet below, tells you what each Japanese snack is and what to expect! I think subscription boxes are going to kill me, especially these from Japan!! aaaaahhhh!
 I decided to keep a few and most give to the girls, and to my relatives to enjoy! The Gacha below, is a cute rubber strap of ? I tried to search it up, but it must be reaaaally new?! Because, it doesn't even show up on Amiami?! Whoa! He's cute, nerdy and from Japan!

In conclusion, I will definitely be subscribing to more of the Oyatsu boxes! I love trying new snacks from Japan. So, this one is a keeper! If you want to get a box, place your order for December's Box Today! The site shows how many more days you have to place an order for the next month's release! I know December will be awesome! Oh, and they are easier to cancel should you decide you just want to try out one box for now!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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