Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tadie Muz Clone Doll, Not!

Updates on German Tadie Clone Doll information! I recently won a rare doll thru ebay and she has arrived to me all the way from Germany! So, many questions plagued this particular doll for some of us who enjoy collecting weird, awkward or unique dolls... Now, I have at least uncovered what we all thought or at least I thought was a Tadie Muz clone...

From my previous posts here of my first German Tadie Clone, and later here, talking about the company that makes these similar face painted dolls. This German Bendable Doll has quite a story to tell us!

She arrived to me Yesterday, and since I was taking my husband to his Physical Therapy appointment, I decided to take the doll with me, to inspect. As I sat in the car waiting for him, I took these initial shots below:
 Box opening...
  I immediately, opened the box of course... the head to the doll was all wobbly, and I had to hold it carefully. When I took her out of the baggie, Her body and clothing along with the head was all nice and mint! But, whoa, very different from what I expected?!
 The doll inside her baggie. Her head wobble to and fro. Oh no!

 I placed her back inside the box and waited until we got safely home to do more inspecting!

 I removed her clothing, and the seller even gave some chocolates and tiny Christmas extras! How sweet! Her clothing below.

Her body is made of some kind of plastic foam type material, almost feels like paper mache' of sorts. Inside are wires to help her bend. But, I'm afraid if I bend her, her body will rip or tear at the seams! It's no wonder why, we can hardly find these dolls... They've all probably disintegrated? Not the best material to use at all. I'm sure early on, those who bought this doll, their doll's body probably fell apart or tore… They had no use for the head and probably chucked the whole doll.  I believe that only because, of her being kept in an attic all these years, and in her bag, is what saved her from falling apart.
 I tried to look for any type of markings, none, not even on her head?!
 Her hair is rooted on leather material and then glued onto her head. I spent most of the afternoon trying to figure a way to set her head back into her body without it being all wobbly. I used a pipe cleaner and it worked for now, I then, glued some of the torn areas around the neck. But it didn't help, the torn areas still came unglued.

 I took some photos of her next to my other Tadie clone and then, with Tadie as well. Above, you can see that with the other German Tadie, she looks a lot alike with the head, even tough she has the center-eye look. Neck part and how it goes into the body is the same at the base of the neck. The face paint, cheeks, chin, and mouth are the same along with freckles. Obviously, the bodies are not the same. I am assuming the one on the right was used as parts since extra heads were produced. But I am also told that this type of head mold was very popular back then.

Below, a photo of her with my original Tadie Muz… She looks nothing like Tadie, only slightly, more like the other clone doll I have above. I will need to find substitute bodies for both dolls. I'm afraid to dress up this one to many times, for fear the body will fall apart. But, for now, she is wearing a World of Love top, and pants made by an etsy seller for Middie Blythe. Her feet are huge! So, she is wearing a pair of Knickerbocker Holly Hobbie dolls shoes and socks!
In conclusion, she is not Tadie Muz, but a cute unique, and rare doll all her own. She looks like boy next to Tadie above. Maybe she can be Tadie's boyfriend instead?!

Below, comparison photos I created using most that I've found from my research on this particular doll. Please note: Some photos are not mine and were used only for reference purposes. If you would like me to remove your photo, please notify me via email. Thank you.
 I was told that these head molds were popular back in the 1960s, so that's why you see them on Aral dolls, and Cortendorf figurines.
 Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. How awesome! I love her! I agree with you about the them probably falling apart and being thrown out (if her body is as fragile as you say) I love how you have her dressed here! It seems to suit her. :)

    1. HI Amy, I'm glad you like her too! So far, as long as I don't handle her too much she is okay. But I am watching carefully to see how it all goes? thank you dear so much for your thoughts too! hugs, gg