Saturday, November 21, 2015

Yoshitomo Nara Gummi Girls!

I have seen Yoshitomo Nara's works at the Narita Airport, whenever we took our day trips to Japan! I only recently fell in love with the Gummi Girl cases that were released. They are quite pricey online, which made me wish I had looked for them while we were in the Narita Airport?! Ugh! Oh well...

I was however, able to find one thru Yahoo Japan, but, with no gummi candies and got the colored head case I wanted.
 This cute red head girl below! Above, the box she came in above. She is supposed to come with gummi candies, but none here. I really just wanted her for her cute looking container anyhow! (Please note: your screen is not acting up, my iphoto is acting up as of late. So, coloring is a bit off...)

 She is quite large, and flat, and would be great as a candy dish or keeper of sorts. I love the design and wish I collect a few more, if it weren't for the price! Eek...
 I am happy to have the one. She will sit by my bedside to greet me with my other fave things I can easily clean off from dust.

There are a total of 6 head styles! I would love to get the blue haired one, or maybe the brunette?!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Oh I love Yoshitomo Nara art! I have the postcrad set. I would LOVE to get the clock. But yikes the price! Lovely girl and glad she is there to greet you in the mornings.

    1. HI Dear Amy,

      Thank you so much! Oh boy, clocks, postcards!? I am trying hard to resist dear! Oh goodness^_~ hugs, gg