Friday, December 4, 2015

Great Stuff in the Mail!

We recently inherited Sam's grandmother's HCR address, and it was great timing too! We found out that with HCR boxes you can avoid the annual Postal fee that comes with renting a PO box, Yup, it's FREE. So, we checked into it and changed over, now, when our PO box fee comes around we will cancel the PO box! Yay! Anything, to help us save on moolah! Ha! Sadly, Guam is not hip, in this day and age, some villages don't have delivery at home mail. Yup, still in the dark ages folks. Ugh.
Sorry, just thought I'd share that little tidbit. Because, we were not schooled by USPS that HCR's are free?!

... an onto the goodies we go!
 I received, a cute vintage pose dolly pin found thru Hui-shan's shop here on etsy! So cute too! She will be a part of my collection.

 I've been wanting to get a large pose dolly related print and I found one thru Little Miss Mod Shop also thru etsy! They have many cutesy pose doll goodies. This print called, "Lantern Lounge" is my fave!

 I want to find a white frame for it, and put it up in my bedroom!

 I also found this cute vintage Pippa fashion thru ebay. I wanted it for Tadie. The top fits nicely, but sadly, the jumper is not long enough for her torso. Below, I also got another Pippa dress fashion. But Tadie couldn't fit it so instead, it fit nicely on Linda, my cutie in the center.

 I decided to do a search and see if I could find a cute dolly size cosplay wig with ponytails and sure enough, ebay had em'! Yippee.
 I got this colorful wig in a size 7-8 for Abielle. I wanted to see how she would look a bit more modern. It was cute, that's for sure! These are wig for BJDs.
 You can remove the ponytails, they are clip-ons. Nice!

Below, I got myself a new blythe dolly cell phone case for my iphone!
Then, stocking stuffers for the girls. Some cute groot and Mae figures thru etsy here! The seller added a gift too! How nice!

Lastly, I found this cute pretty fancy dress by BlytheYouandMe on etsy, made for Middie Blythe that can fit Tadie! Yay! I was doing some research for bodies for my German Tadie's and discovered that Middie Blythe's size is similar in range to Tadie, but please note, that Middie blythe's hips and pants size are not the same! Tadie is a bit more thick in that area. LOL

 Cute packaging above and gifts below! The seller was to kind! I love the tiny parakeet and the Wizard of Oz stamps are the cutest ever!

 I love the dress so much, I made sure to get another color! I love frilly and this dress is like, Tadie is ready for an romantic evening out, with all the lovely layers of soft tulle fabric...
 The dresses also come in pink, blue, aqua, red, yellow. and the peach you see on Tadie.

Early morning shot of something I have been working on for the past few days... more soon!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Lovely dress for Tadie! I have been looking on etsy at Middie dresses and never came across this one....? I'm looking for something less little kid like and more grown up. Hard to come by in Middie I suppose. Sorry the pippa clothes didn't fit, I was wondering about those. Thought Pippa was the same size as Dawn? Dawns' dresses are quite short on Tadie though! haha

    1. HI Dear Amy,

      Oh, I will tell the seller to relist her dresses, sorry. I guess when its purchased she forgets to relist it again? not sure. I totally agree most are child-like with Middie Blythe, that's why when I found this one, I was in awe, besides the fact that I love tulle skirts! Yes, Pippa is the same size as Dawn so some of her clothing will fit Tadie as well, but as I mentioned, not some bottoms, like jumpers. But, its weird because I have this one Pippa dress that fits Tadie perfectly, but others seem hard to get over her hips?! So, I guess it depends on whether the seamstress at the time makes the dress loose fitted or not. That is another thing to watch out for. Yes, the dresses will be mini on her kinda like gogo girls or hotpants from the 60s! Just email me if you have anything else you might need help with dear! Many hugs, gg