Saturday, December 19, 2015


I fell in love with a flickr friend's cute dolly figure here! I commented, and asked where she got her cutie? Sure enough with the information she shared I was able to locate the very same Medicom Peynet figure set thru a website here. I messaged them and the set was still available! Yay!

It arrived to me from Singapore!

A very cute couple too. They're a nice addition to my collection too!

 Box illustrations above. I've always liked Peynet dolls and postcards. Though I don't collect them really. This time I made an exception. Ha!

Then, I also received my second dress in aqua, by etsy shop blythewithyouandme!
 So cute! She even added another cute miniature bird below! How sweet!

 Lastly, I received a Yahoo Japan item for the shop maybe?! A Maetel Legend figure set with Maetel and Esmeralda! from "Maetel Legends".
 I've always loved Galaxy 999, and Maetel is one of my favorite characters in it too!
 The figures are both true to the artwork by Leiji Matsumoto. I may keep them...

 I used to love playing with my younger brother's Star Wars action figures as a child, to have action figures of these ladies, would've been awesome, back then! LOL

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Oh cute! I have seen the larger(?) ones. Or the vintage ones? Anyways, these are adorable.

    1. Really?! I've only seen the vintage one's with the foam type rubber bodies. They are cute, but I'm always afraid, they might fall apart, if I handle them too much?! hugs, gg