Saturday, December 12, 2015

Yahoo Japan Mail!

Here's what came in today! I've been requesting that my items ship in small packets, instead of one large box with all the goods I win thru Yahoo Japan. It's actually about the same cost, and at least it won't take the items a month later, to get to me!

 I found this IWAI Industries, Soft Vinyl Rubber Squeak toy mint in package above, and Bookmarks: Yamato-Kun miniature Books and Figure set, both will be a part of my collection...

 Generally, I find this cuties in a tan color with brunette hair and tan skin, mostly looking like an Eskimo baby. So, its always nice to find another version in other colors. These can be found from time to time thru Yahoo Japan.
 From the packaging above and below, you can change the baby's face to smiley, crying, and normal. By just turning the knob at the top...

 The different faces...
 She was nice and minty, a strong smell of rubber filled the room. Hopefully, it will die down... as she sits with my other cuties on the top cabinet shelf!

Bookmarks: Yamato-Kun miniature Books and Figure set. I learned about them recently from a flickr friend's photos of her Yamato-kun, here, so cute the way she had Yamato-kun and her Azone dolly posed together!
 I thought my tiny Mirai would love to have Yamato-kun as a friend?! LOL
 I love the tiny books that come with him too! Each book has teeny tiny words in Japanese of course!
 There are a set of five.

I'll have fun taking pics with these guys!!

Thanks for Looking! ~ ggsdolls

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