Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chichan New Old Body!

I haven't collected Takara Chi-chan dolls for some time... I do own one other given to me from a dear friend. Then, a few years ago, I saw a flickr friends photo of her lovely Chi-chan head on a Tutti doll body. So, I told myself, I would do that if I ever found a Chi-chan needing a new bod.

Recently, I did and was able to get a donor Tutti body via ebay. She arrived to me today. I will keep the original head, just in case...
 Sacrificial Tutti above and below, Chi-chan on a Tutti body. She is wearing a Remco Heidi doll top and Tutti bottoms, I believe.
 I tied her her in pigtails, added some flower hair ties, and I think she looks better in the sailor outfit below, by Knickerbocker's Annie Doll...

 Shoes by Kukuclara.
 I hope to take more photos of her with my other Chi-chan gal...
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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