Thursday, May 19, 2016

Iroha Toy Rattle Blocks!

Today, I received a set of Iroha Toy Blocks/ブロックいろは!

An amazing find through Yahoo Japan, I've been wanting to get a few blocks for my collection. Though they are meant to be a complete set, they are also very collectible for those of us who want to use them in toy or doll photos...

 Nice and minty above. These are ABC blocks for children to use and learn from. Toddlers would love them too, as they rattle when you shake them. So cute, and very practical. Each block has colored art on one side and the other is Hiragana Characters to create simple words with.

I will keep a few and place the rest via my etsy shop!
 In sets of six or 4 pieces.
 There are so many retro toys and household items on the art, from the 1960s in Japan! Love seeing the toys most... Connect them and have fun!
 My fave below, the poodle. I will keep this one along with a few others...
Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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