Sunday, July 24, 2016

Epixcon 2016!

Once again we participated in Guam's version of Comicon/ Epixcon 2016 at the Agana Shopping Center, and it was definitely a great experience.

Thank you to all who stopped by our booth and supported! Biba Epixcon, Biba Guam!

 Early birds get the worm... We got there early to set up. Many artists and vendors were there too.

 After setup... Yes, that's me back there, a rare photo opp peeps! LOL

 After setup, Sara as "The Marionette" from FNAF.

 Taby as "Super Sonico".

 Taby made these pillow key chains above for the event!

 She worked on them the night before and did an amazing job too!

Back to Epixcon...

A few of the coplayers I was able to catch while a walk through of the space...

A few pics of other vendors at the event...

 Artists too!

Though we didn't make as much as last year's event, it was definitely a great experience, and we got to meet a lot of amazing people with like minds and talents.

Biba Epixcon, Biba Guam Cosplayers!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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