Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Interesting Finds!

Here are some interesting finds that came in today...

This cute little bobble head tiger was calling to me to adopt him... with no bidders in sight, I did.
 He's quite small for a bobble head. But still needs a bid of trimming and fixing here and there...

 Here he is with my other vintage retro bobble head animal. They are both so cute.

I then, found this cute jewelry box. Also no bidders. Still has its original tag.
 Quite unique too. Underneath the box has a compartment for the key to open the jewel box.
...and the battery compartment, for what you ask? So, you can press the buttons to play some cute music, 3 types too.

The inside of the jewel box. The accessories that come included, but not shown are apple hair tie, apple necklace, two rings, and one large pearl necklace.

Video of the right side button. Plays, "Happy Birthday" song.

Video of the left side button. Plays, "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" Disney theme song.

Video of the middle button. Plays, sounds and says something in Japanese? sorry, couldn't make it out?

 Read along "Sleeping Beauty" with record. Now, I have two of the sonogram book fairytale series.

My ultimate treasure find, this lovely vintage coloring book called, "Star Jewel Princess" by セイカノートぬりえ/ Seika. I have the very same coloring book from my cousin, back in the early 80s.
 But, this one is nice and mint. I may have written about it before. I will have to see if I did? LOL. Sorry age is catching up to me...
 Mine was colored already by my cousin and I colored the pages that weren't colored. I remember using this very coloring book to trace, so, I can practice drawing Galaxy-eyed gals... Ahhh, the memories of my pre-teen years!
Amazing finds...
Enjoying a drink to summer!

Thank you for Reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Hi Gigi! You have cute vintage items. I especially like your coloring book Jewel Star by Seika. I was wondering would you be interested in trading coloring books digitally? I have a collection of vintage coloring books too, so you can choose any one of mine, and I can scan it in high quality and trade it with a scanned copy of Jewel Star. I had pages from Jewel Star when I was a child, and I loved coloring and tracing the illustrations so much :) I look forward to your kind reply :)

    1. Hi dear Khateerah, I will have to get back to you. It's been busy for me. So please email me and I will let you know then. thank you so much for writing. Many hugs, Gigi