Thursday, July 7, 2016

Today's Mail Goodies...

Here's what came in Today's mail!

 First, I got a Lot of 20 vintage children's records in Japanese all 45s rpm! All will be added to the shop. Some have scratches, but most of them don't. Still an amazing piece of Japanese anime or TV history.
Astro Boy.

Ultraman above and below.
Backside has Godzilla.

Masked Rider.
Cyborg 009.

Nobody's Boy Remi.
Aim for the Ace, Moomin,

Galaxy Express 999.
Moomin, Mahou no Mako chan, Sally the Witch.

Captain Tsubasa?
I have two sets that will sell together, because they are of the same characters.

Then, I also was able to buy these tan cuties in an online shop. I will also add them to my shop too!
 A large tan doll above at 10 inches tall. Below, a cute tan girl with shorts, top and white shoes. She is about 8 inches tall.
 Dark tan and unique Poppo-chan nude about 5 inches.
 This popular tan blonde gal also 5 inches.

I was able to get this cute vintage Japan Wooden Doll closet and dolly head board and foot board. A fixer upper too.
 The closet is missing a door knob. But, I just fell in love with the cute retro graphics on the front of the door and the narrow mirror.
 So cute, the company's emblem of a sweet duck.
 Inside, the drawer was loose and so were the wood notches to keep it in place. Sadly, even the front of the drawer was missing. I will have to find parts to fix it up...
 My fave about the headboard above, cute retro duck art and butterfly. Missing most of the bed, it matches the doll closet though! LOL

Last, I won this Swimmer Japan duck towel. So cute and retro. I will decide for sure if I will keep it or add it to the shop?

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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