Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Festive Activities...

It's been busy with many other things besides collecting the week or so.
So, I just wanted to share some of the things that went on...

 Last Friday, we kicked off the holiday season with a small gathering at our new studio apartment at The Cliff Guest Condos. We invited the former owners, and our little family on my in-laws side, to sit eat and watch the Christmas lights at the Governor's House go on. It rained a bit and the moon shone so bright that night. The views from our patio!
 We ended up taking our gathering inside the small studio. But, it was still nice. Afterwards, we left for Agana Shopping Center for "The Christmas on Guam" display for The Friars on Guam. It was almost 9pm, by then and we had to quickly look thru the display. Oh well, we will get a detailed look next time. It was a great gathering all together.

We also had a parade come through our village of Inarajan. On Saturday night, was another festive event. Then, my hubby finished work on our updated entertainment center. Poor old silver TV finally died on us. I think he did an amazing job, don't you?!

On Tuesday, while the girls were at school we had an inspection for the studio apt. Afterwards, we went to eat at a place we hadn't tried yet. "Ajisen Ramen"! We had always gone by when we'd go shopping at Ross in GPO.
 I ordered a delicious Ajisen ramen, Sam had Seafood Yakisoba, Tonkatsu veggies, and I also got Gyoza.

We definitely want to take the girls there next time!

I took some fun shots of the rabbit string holder...

I did received this lovely vintage bookmark with the hard to find ceramic bunny couple, many of my fellow friend collectors have on their wish lists too! Found through etsy...

Huishan was so sweet, she gave me a gift too!
 Love this vintage version. Will be added to my collection.
Whether your busy during this holiday season, be safe, be kind, and most of all enjoy yourself.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Much love, Cynthia/ggsdolls

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