Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy Mail Today!

Our mail system has gotten slow, not because of the Holiday season, but because of a new contract with the cargo section at the airport, ugh. New business doing an old job... New learning curve for them... Oh well.

So, here's what I had gotten earlier this month, and finally arrived!
 I won some items from Yahoo Japan, a Lot of Rune Naito ceramic banks, etc. I found this lovely Miyako Maki tote bag from an online Japan shop, a cute plush panda from ebay, and an art print with sad eyed girl and flowers!
 I will be adding most of the ceramics you see in my shop soon! So be on the look out for them...
 African boy figurine. He is not a coin bank, and looks to be holding something, but it is missing. I've seen these a lot, and some are too cute. I will add him to the shop.
 This cute very small cat figurine, is more recent and from Rune Naito shop perhaps? He came with the Lot. I believe you put an incense stick on the hole at the top of his head.
 This cute big eyes puppy, sheep? Not sure, just adorable with her hat. She has some wear and will be added to my shop also.
 This guy is popular, a Rune Naito red bird coin bank. Has some wear on his red paint, but can be painted over by new owner. Also added to my shop soon.

 This cutie I will keep. I've been wanting one similar, that I tried to buy via my friend online shop, but sadly, someone snatched her up before I could. Oh well, I have this one now, and she will be added to my collection. Yippee!

 Oh my dear, this adorable Miyako Maki Scarlet tote bag is just amazing. Has a line down the center, but so what! This bag is already hanging on my vintage German wood cabinet! Just gorgeous.
 Yup, I've been smitten by vintage plushies as of late. I found this sweet guy through ebay, while searching for a rushton rabbit... poor sweetie. I will see if I can clean him up and fix him... No tag.

 A lovely Sad Eyes art print, I found also searching through ebay, with a "Buy it Now" feature. I was very surprised no one had snatched this up... could it be the seller's description of it being haunted?! Interesting? I will let you know...
 I got this plush cutie also through ebay, he needed sewing and a clean up. Tag says, "Yoshipet, made in Japan". Interesting.
 I won this cutie Yesterday, while the girls and I went to Tokyo Mart, a small grocery store that specializes in Japanese produce and food. They were having a promotional, and if you spent $10 and up, they were giving their customers a chance to win prizes they had. I won this cutie, actually, there were a lot of cuties, but I grab a pink Sato-chan, not the orange one! LOL

My son's Christmas gift to me above, a white instax. Cool. It was fun to use!
Please check my shop later, I hope to have some items listed later today!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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