Friday, December 30, 2016

Some Quick Fixes...

Today, I worked on a few quick fixes on the vintage items I received Yesterday...

I repainted this cutie, just to touch up his nose and red hair. I also added a gold bow!
 This cutie was fun to work on. I washed him late, Yesterday afternoon, then took out his old stuffing this morning. I restuffed him, and sewed on new fur, where the burnt mark was. But, I will need to try to match his current fur color. At some point. Then, added a pink bow, some blush to his cheeks, and repainted his nose.

 He's not flat like when I first got him! Yay.

I then, realized I forgot to show this interesting item... A vintage Japan stroller I got through Yahoo Japan. I was hoping it was a bit larger to hold all my vintage Plushies, sadly it isn't.
 Still, the panda seems to be enjoying the ride!
 I also reglued the art print I got. Now, its a lot stronger. She looks nice in this spot.

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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