Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cute Squeakies!

I've seen these very cute squeak toys before... I won this lot through Yahoo Japan. They do look a bit dingy and needing a thorough cleaning.

 I washed and cleaned them as best I could. Sadly, I couldn't remove the dirt stains. Their squeakers still work, and they are still so cute. I've already added them into my shop!
 This cutie is named, "Pinky", made by IWAI Co. she has the stamp on her foot and the year too, 1973. She is supposed to have a partner named, "Mac", a yellow bear wearing a green dress. Sadly, she didn't come with her. Pinky's arms and head can move. Singing Karoke perhaps, with her mic, she is singing a song to you.

These three cuties, a bear, cat, and a bunny are complete. Also, made by IWAI Co. Japan. There is no year on them. Just adorable, the yellow bear is holding a train, the white bunny is holding her dolly, and the silly pink cat is quite unique, doing a hand stand.
 All of their heads can move left or right. These guys will be so cute on a shelf filled with squeakies.
Find them in my shop on etsy! I'm still going through much of my collection and will hopefully get around to listing other rare items soon. Thank you so much for your patience!

~ ggsdolls

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