Friday, March 10, 2017

Darn Cute Shevie Dolls!

I haven't really collected a particular doll for some time called, "Shevie Dolls" or squeak baby dolls. Until recently, I told myself to at least get one. There's a unique baby I wanted, she is more like a reproduction and has a different expression from the other Shevie dolls. I able to acquire one thanks to my dear friend Shevie! LOL the original collector of these wonderfully cute dolls. You can see my post here.

Fast forward to now, another dear friend Christine, shared that a seller from France discovered a Lot of Shevie dolls and in mint condition! At first, I was like, "Oh, that nice." The temptation was too much, so I caved and got two. Mind you, the seller was selling them at really amazingly cheap price?! These dolls generally go for at least about $40 and up... So, I got two. Teehee!

They arrived to me safely from France via Etsy!
 The seller had four types of prints. They needs a bit of a wipe down, but otherwise, they are mint.
 They still squeak too. These are a bit larger, then the one's I normally get, each doll is about 8.5 inches. They have their original sticker tag on the back, "made in China".

 My three Shevie babies below.

 I was able to snag this cute big eyed art print by Guelle, also from etsy shop by a fellow collector here.
 In lovely condition, I love her eyes and mouth. Original sticker below. She will be a great addition to my wall of vintage art!

I've seen this cutie often, especially through my searches via ebay for rubber toys. I got this vintage honey pot bear squeeze toy, in blue. There are two other colors offered, yellow and pink. The seller said she was closing her ebay shop. Luckily, I snagged one when I did. Now, wishing I had gotten pink and yellow. LOL
 I've seen his sweet face used in a fellow collector's shop photos as a prop for her merchandise. He is just adorable and bright in color. He also smells of baby powder. No markings and he stands about 5 inches tall.
Dubbed as vintage, but he looks to be a reproduction, possibly? No matter, he will be nicely displayed on my dresser.

***I've decided to let go some of the rare items from my collection... So, be on the look out through my shop or website for what's available. I will list them later today!?***

Thank you so much for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

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