Monday, March 27, 2017

Handmade Amazing-Ness!

Oh my goodness! Where to begin...

I've been smitten with a fellow instagramer's pics of her handmade cuties for the past 4 months. I knew she only sold her creations via her website or through Yahoo Japan Auctions. Sadly, she had one recently, and I didn't win any of them. -_-;

Luckily, another fellow shop friend Miss Nostalgia, was selling one of the handmade cuties by the same talented Japan maker! What? Yup. So, I inquired and she said she'd allow for me to do a layaway. Yay me! Well, since I got sick for my birthday, and we didn't travel to Japan as planned, I figured I'd treat myself to this cutie! She arrived safely after a long journey from China...
 I'm simply in awe... Meet my cute handmade by Happy Sachiyo, Japan "Yellow Bunny".

 She is lovingly crafted after those adorable Vintage Meyercord decals. Yup, you can tell by the way the eyes are done! Sachiyo creates similar looks of Meyercord in her teddies, bunnies, etc. She arrived to me in a cute box with tissue paper, and she has some weight to her. I took off her yellow bows and put a red one to match her apron. Later, I found out she is scented. Taby says she smells of baby powder. I was wondering, because the scent was not noticeable at first, until I got a headache from it later on while handling her, ugh. A bit too strong for me. So, she will have to air out.
She's about 8 inches tall, but with her ears about almost 12 inches! Her arms and legs can move, to allow her to sit or stand upright. Her neck seems a bit loose, and it doesn't turn or at least I don't want to take the chance of doing it and break her head off. LOL
She came wearing yellow ribbon bows and this cute vintage inspired apron. I want to dress her up! Hopefully more on that later. If you ever are given a chance to own one of Happy Sachiyo's creations, it's well worth the money. Definitely not cheap, so warning, beep, beep, beep!

I also wanted to share, I worked on the brooch from last post, and repainted the eyes a bit. Not perfect, but decent for me. Instead of those dead looking eyes. Unless your into that? Haha.

My usual searches, I found a Lot of small ceramic cuties. These guys I've seen before, but larger versions, with chained parents. As for the people versions, only shakers for Christmas. I'm assuming they were paired with their parents, but got lost on the way?! LOL.
There's an Indian, squirrel, boy with guitar, and a cow. I already owned a blue mouse. So, they will be a cute group.

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