Saturday, March 25, 2017

Interesting Repro Finds!

I was able to find some reproduction items from my searches recently...

Through Instagram, I found a great website that sells reproduction vintage items. If you can't afford or find the vintage ones, these might be a great alternative. The website called, "Fantastica", here has a reproduced Edward Mobley squeak toy Bear. Nice bright coloring, and similar to the rubber squeak toy boy that I found in Narita, Japan. In fact, same tag on the bear! LOL
 I will list him the shop soon, if anyone might be interested? The site also had these lovely floral vintage thermoses in blue or pink. I got the blue, since I already have pink and green.
 If you are having a hard time finding these vintage metal thermoses, you can purchase a reproduction thermos! They're just as gorgeous at the vintage ones and minty, which is nice!
Made in China just like the vintage ones. Here is my new thermos, next to my vintage thermos.

Then, I was asked by another friend on IG for a trade. My trade arrived, and he is just the sweetest bear. I've often seen these type of vintage ceramic coin banks, as a bunny or cat, but to have this one as a bear?! Yay! He's got huge eyes too. I love the floral designs painted on him.
 Sadly, he's missing his rubber stopper, so I will have to get another.

Definitely a cute addition to my collection.

 I was able to get this vintage deer pin from etsy. I may just repaint the eye a bit, so she doesn't look as if she was hit with headlights. LOL
I will show results in a later post...

Thank you so much for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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