Tuesday, March 28, 2017

More Finds Arrive!

Here's what came in...

Amazing aqua colored chalkware cat I found via etsy. I've seen these eyelash cuties before, but this color just pops out at you. One of the reasons why I bought it.
 I love the color with purple eye shadow and floral motifs. Sadly, she was missing her rubber stopper, no worries, I have a few I got as replacements.
 She will be added to my collection.

This interesting looking tall bunny with eyelashes, found through ebay. I don't recall seeing this before with closed eyes. I mostly see one with eyes open. But it was the eyelashes that got me.

 Quite unique and so mod looking too. I will add her to the shop. Maybe she has a partner in need of her?!

While doing my searches for vintage mod art, etc. I discovered these vintage annual Girl's books, this one titled, "Diana - For Girls 1970", are gift books, parents or grandparents, etc., would probably give their daughters or granddaughters, as a gift. The book is filled with comic stories, craft things, proper etiquette, etc., that girls at the time needed to know. Can't wait to read it!
 I found on etsy, and fell mostly in love with the cover. I may get a few more... like 1971! Hehe.
 Just love the style and graphics of those days.

I also adopted this guy via IG. He looks very similar to the vintage Japan made plushies, I've seen. He's a skunk with a long tale and needs cleaning. Still has his original tag, "made in Japan." I will add him to the shop later.

Before picking up the mail, I started working on redressing my sweet bunny, but sadly, I didn't have any doll clothes she could fit into. Darn. Unless, I take the hem at the back of the fashions, not an option. So, instead, I decided to make her a vest like the one's you see on those cute Rushton Bunnies. I didn't have pastel pink felt, darn. So, opted for cream, with pink ribbon and buttons.
I even made her a little pillow with a deer, from the fabric I got at the 100yen store on island. I then, added some baby blue pom poms. I'm so obsessed with her these days... She sits on my dresser and I see her as soon as I wake up. Eep!
Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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