Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Instagram Giveaway!

Hey fellow bloggers and wordpress writers, want a chance to win one of my retro doggies?!

I'm almost to 1000 + followers on instagram
to help me get there I'm having a giveaway...

Here's how?
*First, I wanted to say thank you to all who follow me on Instagram! I truly appreciate you for following, and liking my photos! Now, that I'm close to 1000 followers in one year's time, I wanted to give all of you a chance to win one of my handmade cuties!

Here's how you can win ggsdolls retro dog in pastel pink like the one pictured below...

Get a friend to follow me on instagram by having them comment and tag you on the photo above on my IG account. The more friends who follow me, and tag you the more chances you have to win. One follower, one tag. 

Now, I will check to make sure the person that tags you is following me in order to win. I will let this run for one week, starting today, March 25th through March 30th. On March 31st, I will tally and place the names into a basket, and pick out one winner! 

Good luck to you all and thank you once again for following ggsdolls on IG!

 Here is a ggsdolls needle felt creation made with love by Cynthia Flores aka Gigi.

Miniature Retro Plush Dog with Clear Plastic Display Case.

This needle felt retro dog in pastel pink is made by needle felting roving wool. Then, I added details like safety eyes, nose, and tongue is made of red felt, and glued in place. Then, more roving wool is added to the body to look like the vintage versions sold long ago in Japan by Bandai and other Japan companies back in the 1960s and 1970s. The dog's hair can be brushed, but please be very careful. See care instructions below, and the instructions are also added to the acrylic case.

This is a collectible miniature, for display or light play, and not meant for very young children 7 years of age and younger. Each dog is unique and "One of a kind". Measuring between 2 inches tall or less. It will come with a clear plastic display case that measures 2 x 2 x 3 inches. Atomaru Doran Doran doll and Floral Girl G dolls above are not in the giveaway and are just for reference.

Lovely for a vintage plush animal collection or as a toy for your 1/6 scale size dolls like Barbie, Licca Chan, Doran Doran, Blythe and others!

You can read more about them here in this post.

2016 ggsdolls all rights reserved.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Please be very careful with it, each retro dog is unique and 'one of a kind'. I made it with lots of love and they are very delicate. Please handle with care. Also do not pull on head or body, as body parts can come apart. This is a collectible and made to be displayed.

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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