Wednesday, March 1, 2017

This Past Weeks Haul...

 While waiting for other rare finds to arrive. Here's what came in...

Amazing vintage board book by Froebel-Kan, titled, "Toys". I didn't realize how small this book was?! LOL
So cute, with so many cute vintage dolls and toys. Always love these books. For my collection.

These vintage meyercord decals. I don't have the large bunny, and it came with the other set. Keeping both for future uses...

While searching through etsy, I found this cutie! Nice big eyes and reminds me of those roly poly dolls. It's a planter and will be added to my collection for now. I've never seen one like it before?!
 Truly surprised no one else snatched her up?!

 This cutie is a trade from a sweet friend via IG. She adopted my cute lamb couple, and knew I had a few flocked animals already. So, she figured this guy would go well with them. I agree!
 I need to take pics of this guy with Bear and Bunny... soon!

 I got a request for some swimmer products, and had my friend order some of these other items as well. I have an extra swan for sale soon!
 This cute bento bag, and memo notebook are just too cute with the bunny art! Love this bunny so much. One of my fave characters from Swimmer Japan.

 This kawaii Cinderella coach, is a container and made of plastic. I was hoping it was sturdier and heavy, sadly not. Great to decorate any dresser too!

I also received my loot from Yahoo Japan, found these figurines to be added to my shop!
 They are in front of my medium sized set. I thought they were all the same size, not. This is a larger set?! What!

Then, this cutie, had no bidders. Poor baby. How couldn't anyone not bid on her?! So, I did and she will be added to the shop soon too! I'm tempted to keep her, but I know someone needs her more...
 Sweet vintage ceramic bunny with closed eyes, a tuft of real "Rabbit" fur on her head. She is a coin bank and has an apron on.

My Rare find, this Lapin ficelle or "String Holder", I was able to use "Buy it Now" on ebay for it. Seller was so nice and shipped it safely to me.
 Nice bright coloring with a few factory defects, like a spot of blue paint on the eye, and black paint on the nose, see photo.
Otherwise, in perfect condition for its age. The seller even had string still inside it?! LOL
My sweet bunny in the foreground and this new one, I will add to my shop soon! So be checking back later today or tonight, Guam time...

Slowly, I will post more items that will arrive this and next week as they come in. So stay tuned!

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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