Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Vintage Finds Arrive This Week!

Here's what came in the past few days...

 This adorable vintage lamb I found through ebay. Quite unique I must say, and she is nice and perfect. I will add her to the shop soon...

 She is made in Japan and still has her sticker, probably around 1960s.

This vintage cutie, I also received from ebay. I just couldn't resist his face and color, Yellow! He had a Buy It Now, feature. So I did. He just needed a bit of touching up on his face paint and cleaning up too.
 Those floppy ears and those cheeks! Haha.
 I cleaned him up and added some high lights in his hair. Then, touched up his nose, eyes, and mouth. Trimmed the excess fur that was matted around his body, and gave him a blue bow!
 You can see the slight differences. I also added some blush. I may just have to keep this cutie?! I also may need to add some freckles. Hhm.

From Yahoo Japan, I got all these rare vintage finds! A Lot of 2 large pose dolls, a Lot of 3 ceramic coin banks, another Rune Naito Rabbit Bank, and an Okura toy accessory set! So many unique goodies. Yay!
 This lovely Rune Naito Bunny coin bank is the third one I've found. In excellent condition and with her original ribbon. Sadly, no bidders. What?! I don't know why? I will need to decide, since selling my other two bunnies, I'm very tempted to keep this cutie! I have replaced her rubber stopper since it was missing.

 I love this vintage Okura toy accessory set, still mint in package too. For my collection. It will be hard to resist opening it! Ugh.

The second best purchase was this lot of ceramic coin banks... There was a dog with phone, Rune Naito yellow bunny, and a sitting kitty.  A few bidders, but I was able to get the lot for a nice price. Yay!
 The dog and phone coin bank is missing its stopper. I will be adding it to the shop. You can find replacement stoppers through etsy too.
 This cute sitting kitty, I will add to my collection for now... Just to sweet. Not a coin bank, but she will be a nice addition to my collection and I don't recall seeing one before?!
This amazing yellow Rune bunny will be added to the shop. Also, missing her stopper, she is in perfect condition, even has her original ribbon. Nice, bright, and I haven't seen a yellow one before...

 I won this Lot of two very large posedolls. One still has her original tag, "Sakura Doll". The other is similar to what is called, a French posedoll.
 The doll in the dark green dress is larger than the one in red dress. Sorry no comparison photo. I will need to clean her up. She will be added to my collection. I used to own a Princess in a hot pink dress of similar make. This type is able to sit on top of a shelf. Legs and arms are movable in both dolls.
 This large posey will be added to the shop soon. Her dress is lovely and they both have panties underneath. Who could resist this sweet face!

Lots of work ahead for me. I hope to list some items later today or tomorrow?!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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