Saturday, April 15, 2017

New End Table!

I really needed one, since we got a King size bed last year, my old end table couldn't fit... So, the girls and I went to Ross, yesterday and found one! Yay!

I actually had seen this end table before. I liked it because it had a glass door. The color was really nice too. As we looked at the furniture items at Ross, this was the end table, I kept coming back too. Sadly, it had 3 areas that were damaged. So, I put it into the cart, and figured, maybe I could get a discount? Sure enough when we finally made it to the cashier, I asked, and got 15% off. Not too bad. Damaged areas were, a dent on the right corner, right side had some wood chipped, back side there was a a hole.

I got it home and glued the areas that needed it. For now, it is just temporary. Taby thinks I should repaint it too. I might?!

 Now, I can display my favorite ceramics inside, right by my bed, and wake up too them! Yippee!

I also took video, so you can take a peek into my collection! Enjoy!

 My vintage baby dolls collection. The smiley baby in the middle, I adopted from the beautiful Shevie, a few years back! She has been with me since. I don't believe I will ever let her go...

An updated photo of my Shevie babies. I keep telling myself, just one. Ha. I have four! Oh well. Hope your Saturday is going good?!

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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