Monday, April 10, 2017

Rare Finds Arrive to Me!

Here are some rare items I found just before my trip to Japan!

This sweet baby plush, I found while doing regular searches via etsy. I love her deep blue color. She is about 10 inches tall and made in China.
 A very sweet face. May need some touch ups. She arrived from Belgium.

 She will be added to my cute baby plush Shevie doll collection!

Next, this amazing Lot of two Rune Naito Reproduced Mermaid Bottles, I found through Yahoo Japan auctions. They had a BIN price and since I sold my other mermaid in her original box, I figured I'd get them, mostly because, I decided on keeping the black mermaid instead.

I have already listed the red head on my etsy shop. They are both from the Rune Naito 2003 collection. One in red hearts, and the other in black diamonds.

 So far, I have seen the red hearts often, but to have the black diamond version is rare.
 Both came with out their boxes.

Lastly, these amazingly rare ceramic dog coin bank figurines with fur or mohair! I was searching through etsy, and it had just listed, a yellow dog with pink fur. So, I jumped and bought it. On the following day, the same shop had just listed a red with yellow dog! I couldn't believe my eyes... So before anyone else could snap it up, I quickly purchased it too!
 They were both shipped separately and arrived to me safely. They are about 9 inches tall. Both missing their rubber stoppers, and needing some light cleaning and brushing.

 I was able to replace this one's stopper, but I will need to buy more to replace the red with yellow's stopper.

 I may decided to keep just one and put the other up in my shop?! So be sure to keep an eye out for either on my etsy shop!

Amazing pieces found in the wild...

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls