Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This Week's Finds!

I recently traded a ceramic coin bank for an Iwai baby bear squeak toy, and other goodies followed with her! So sweet.

 My trade with Ana H. was too generous. She added a pink squeak toy bear, just like my blue honey bear, and a very large red head girl on the phone. That I asked her about a few weeks back.
 This rare Iwai baby girl bear, has a similar body to kewpie baby dolls I've seen, but what made this cutie unique is her face and with her mouth opened, you can put her thumb in there!
 "Iwai Co. 1977." underneath.
 Just adorable! She will be a welcome addition to my collection for now...

Then, through IG a seller had this unique bunny up for grabs. No takers, so I adopted her. No tag unfortunately. But, just scary cute anyways like most Rushton or My Toy plushies of the similar era... Ha!

 I may need to retouch its nose...

Finally, I found the "Foreign" version of the Inarco polka dot girl planter. I've seen her in blue, and yellow. But, I've always wanted this version in white with flowers and a black top. The first time I saw her, was on a friend's stream, Shevie. She had the same cute planter on her Spring table last year!

 "Foreign" stamped on the bottom. Inarco, made in Japan are the usual markings.
 I will add the blue gal in my shop soon! I must only keep one.

Last, this vintage reproduction Medicom Toy 'sofubi' soft vinyl toy mermaid, named, "Sheila" from the 1972 anime TV series, "Hazedon". She is in mint condition too and still has her purple flower.

 You can move her right arm and waist to pose.
 Her eyes, remind me of Ninohira squeak toys and dolls.

I will add her to my shop later also. So be sure to look out for her!

I will also, reduce the prices of some of my rare ceramic figurines and coin banks. So be sure to look out for that as well.

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls