Friday, May 5, 2017

Time Changes Things...

Sorry, I've been 'missing in action' the past few days. I've reached a realization with my collecting and searches... Maybe it's positive or it may be negative? But, I'm starting to lose the desire to search for anything the past few days. What?! Yup.

Or maybe it's been something long time coming. Well, for whatever reason, I will try my best to keep my blog posts coming, as best I can.

Also, I'd like to announce that if you see anything in my past blog posts or shop, that may interest you... Email me, make me an offer, I may be willing to let that item go?! Seriously, make me an offer, I can't refuse! I often want others to enjoy the treasures I've found through the years. Many have come and gone, I'm okay with it, and happy to know that the item, can bring joy to someone else. That's important to me, however small of a miracle it may mean to that person.

Okay, before I start getting all tear jerky. Ha. Here's what I did receive the past week.

 I ordered some paper flowers from Thailand. Look at the cute packaging too! I just love the paper flowers. I will be using a few to replace some flowers on one of the coin bank figurines. The others I may use in photo scenes.

 Then, I found another set of Indian posey dolls. This time in red and mustard. They have already been listed in my etsy shop. Nice and minty too.

 This lovely vintage "Little Mermaid" coloring book is quite unique. I found through a Japan website.
 Lovely unused coloring pages. I have to decide to list it or not. I love the artwork that's for sure.

Then, I ordered these from Retro, a pair of kid size Sun Jelly retro bags, in mint and hot pink.
 I've always wanted the vintage shopping bag like this, but they can be pretty pricey. At Retro kids, you can get a smaller version and for cheap too! Yay!

It's worth it. So, be sure to check it out. They are great for carrying your dolls or toys with you to the beach or shopping! I've added a cute vintage "Fancy" key chain I was given as a gift, on the mint one.
 Lastly, I found this cute vintage teeny tiny chenille pose doll in dome via Yahoo Japan. No bidders. She is so cute, and stationary on her base. The glass dome can be removed to see her closely.
 She looks like she must have been holding some flowers, which are now missing, in her purse. Made of wires, pipe cleaners, netted lace, and very thin chiffon.
 I may decide to add her to my shop soon...

I also wanted to share, I received the most sweet 'thank you' card from a customer in the mail. Dear sweet Ann H. from Florida, wanted to send me a very sweet card for her recent purchase. I'm so glad she will treasure her little piece of Heaven. Ana, you made my day, week, and year, dear!
Thank you so much! Sending you hugs XOXO!

Thank you all for reading! ~ ggsdolls