Thursday, June 1, 2017

Finally, Some Mail Today...

Yup, not doing much shopping these days, mostly by choice. I do find things often, I just choose not to buy, like I used too...

Here are a few goodies, I finally received!

First, this gorgeous Sankyo Trinket Music box from etsy. I have actually been waiting over a month to receive -_-; Ugh. Yup, the seller I believe sent it through parcel post. Not, the best choice, but that is the cheapest shipping. Though if I had a choice, I wouldn't have chosen parcel post. Note to self, ask for Priority or First Class next time! LOL
 Basically, it's a lovely trinket box by Sankyo with a beautiful faux pearl decoration at top of the lid, and fabric flowers inside. When you take off the lid, the underside has a mirror, and small area to keep trinkets, jewelry, etc.
 The key to wind is underneath and it plays, "Fur Elise" by Beethoven. A little weary sounding, but still beautiful. I will add a video, in the post, later. The legs are clear celluloid plastic, and in a lovely rose color.

 Then, I won this interestingly cute furry pet. I thought was a lot larger than it actually is. Made with real rabbit fur from the 1960s, it has a rubber face, and its head bobbles. I imagined it was a mascot plush you would set on your bed, but, it's quite small at about 3 inches tall. So, maybe more like a doll size or 1/6 size pet for your Blythe or Licca doll, perhaps...
 I found its ribbon, underneath its head, as it is attached by wire.
 No markings, but, obviously made in Japan. I may add him to my shop.

 This amazing find, I got through a Japan online shop! I've never seen a Geo cat couple chained with the infamous, "My Love" heart?! So, I definitely, had to get it for my shop.
 Beautiful geo design in lovely black lacquer. The cats are just adorable, chained together in love. No, breaks in the ceramic or scratches, and still has its cardboard heart in great condition.

They will eventually be added to my shop soon!

 This cutie I received last week, is quite rare and one of my ISO's for some time. I often choose not to say, what I'm looking for, but this time, I will! She is a lovely vintage doll by Goebel Hummelwerk, Germany. There's not too much known about her, and only 2 other collectors that I know of that own one or more.

So, it was nice to find one, and I finally got her in the mail from ebay, as she traveled all the way from Germany! Sadly, her box she traveled in was crushed as you can see...
 But, she was fine inside. There are 2 versions of this doll, the 9 inch doll, I have above, and the 12 inch size. She has lovely sleep eyes with eyelashes, and sometimes pale white lips or rose pink. She comes in blonde, brunette, and auburn hair color. She is generally dressed in mod fashions. Mine came with a sailor top and red beret, not shown. I believe she is from 1965.
 I did redress her in a red sweater top, I believe is meant for Sindy, and her jumper is for Kikipop dolls, along with her shoes. Mine has the two ponytails just like on the box photo, beside her. I hope one day to find the taller version. So, if you come across any, please message me!!

I did find this MIP fashion, that I was hoping to fit her...
 The red top, was too small, but I was able to altar the jumper and now it's a skirt!
She is wearing Mattel Small Talk doll boots here. She has chubby arms, legs and body, which makes it hard to find her clothes, darn. Maybe, I should change her body? She has a bit of weight to her, and I love that. I'm obsessed with her, as of late... Teehee! Now, to find her more clothes to wear...

 Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Update: The trinket box video!

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