Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rare Kogei Bito Figurines!

Here are two rare mint in box sets of Kogei Bito vintage ceramic spotted couple dog sets with their boxes! What? Yup!

 I found them in an online Japan shop, and they both come with their original gift boxes. One set still has the original cardboard, but the other does not. Still they have their lovely Ayumi Uyama type boxes with artwork from back then... I have seen these figurines up for grabs before, but, someone bought them before I could. So, it was nice to see more sets being added, and I was able to get them last week!

The first couple, have a deeper cream in color with black spots, lovely paint, nice, bright and no cracks or marks. This set, I will list in my shop.
 The girl has her pearl necklace.

 The second dog set below, much more slender. I may keep for my collection. Still trying to decide.
 Eyes are smaller, and face paint is not as bright.

 I also took comparison photos of them side by side. The set I will list, have larger eyes and darker paint.
 Believe it or not, but, both are similar in size or at least height. But, head size is slightly different as seen in photos.
 Find one set in my shop!

Then, I also finally took some photos of the two fashions, I got from a playmates doll for Gigi...
What do you think? I think they suit her nicely. Now, she looks more in style of the day and age she came from! I'm just in love with her.

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