Friday, August 4, 2017

Finds For Today!

Here's what came in today! I managed to trade, and find some goodies that arrived...

This is a set of two vintage vinyl toy dolls mint in package that I traded with Poshtottydesignz. They arrived safely to me from the UK. I was so thrilled too. As of late, I've been trying to find metal pin cushion chairs. Sadly, most are faded. But, the two that Katie had were minty mint! I was happy when she agreed to a trade. Yippee!
 She even gave me some of her lovely designed pose doll cards! So sweet, thanks dear!

 I opened one of the dolls. I wanted to get a closer look. I may be tempted to open the other. LOL
They are kitschy cute vintage goodness. Made in Japan. The chairs can't be used as pin cushions, but that's okay. I love the dolls sitting on them.
 Like Cake toppers too. Both will be added to my collection.

 I finally found this cute baby puppy squeak toy. I've seen him in yellow, but this color is just as nice. Vintage squeak toy, made by Iwai. This lovely puppy has huge eyes. I found him on etsy. I cleaned him up and will decide if I'm keeping or not...
 Still needs some cleaning. His squeaker works! Yay.

I also found online, a Licca chan accessory set, it includes a teal hat, shoes, and earrings. I was surprised no one snatched it up. I will use it on one of my dolls soon. More later, perhaps.
 I also found this vintage paper doll set, that includes scissors, and stickers. I've seen this before, well, at least the paper doll and pop up room. It's quite cute too. I will open the packaging soon and take more shots later for you to see. An addition to my collection. I believe the artist is Junichi Nakamura? 1950s.

 I found this set of vintage deer shakers, via etsy. I have plans for them and will show you later, after I get started. LOL
 Still have their stoppers at the bottom, with Japan markings. I may repaint their eyes?

 Still adorable... More on them later!

Taken earlier this morning. The water was so calm and soothing. The natural beauty of God's creations, reminds me to be humble...

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Very interesting, thaks for sharing♥ So beautiful place you live.

    1. Thank you so much! Many hugs, gg