Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tan Cuties from Japan!

I found a few Tan dollies from a Japan online shop late last week, and they arrived to me just in time to add them to my shop!

 First, here is a blonde cute tan girl with lovely eyelashes. She is in the sitting position, sadly, with out her fashion. But, she is still lovely. Washed and ready for her new home!

 This cutie, has lovely brunette hair, I washed and put into a ponytail. She is still wearing her original panty, and her big eyes just draw you in...
 Who can resist her?!
 I was a bit surprised no one, snatched this cutie up?! She is wearing her original blouse and shorts fashion, looks like fancy wear for the office. Her blonde hair is in a bun and she's ready to pose for you, on your desk at work!

 This is cutie is the second one I've found, in all my collecting years, she is a blonde version that is crying. I've found a brunette version before. Her hair is in ponytails and she is wearing her original fashion. Sadly, missing eyelashes on her right eye. But, still too cute for words!

 Her expression tells me she is either pointing at someone who made her cry or pointing at what she wants you to give to her! LOL
 She stands tall, and just adorable...

These will be listed later today! So, be sure to visit my Etsy shop!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls