Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Latest Sailormoon Capsule Toys!

I received the newly released Bandai Sailormoon series capsule toy set, "Antique Jewelry Cases". There are six in the set. I was so thrilled to see the pre-release via one of the gatcha toys I got from my Narita trip. I waited and sure enough, an announcement for this particular set was said to be released in October!

I was able to order them, and I'm so glad I did too!
 There are three in pink and three in blue, two styles of each, with each case having a different design.
 First, the smaller flat jewelry cases. One in a star, and one in a crescent moon. Both are lovely, but not necessarily my faves. They are small, so they could probably hold rings, and other small trinkets.
 One of my fave style, are these bottle looking ones. I like the design, they remind me of vintage perfume bottles. They are quite small, so you could probably only put a small ring or necklace with a small pendant inside.
One has a heart shape with ruby diamond and the other in a crescent moon with white diamond. I'm sure there are names for each case, but I will have to look up the translation on them later. Hehe.
My second fave of the sets, are these jeweled lids. Nice large ruby jewel and diamond jeweled cases.
You can hold larger items inside these better.
What do you think about these Sailormoon antique jewelry cases?
 I also got this in the mail. I found this vintage art print of a girl and her dog, by Lotte. As the seller mentioned via etsy. I fell in love with the art, because she somewhat reminded me of Gigi my Goebel doll, don't you think so?!

 Gigi at the condo last weekend. I forgot to share this photo of her. She was with me for our little staycation. Her face does look like the Lotte art print above...
 Neat game through instagram, I tried it and got Sailormoon! Yay! Just search for the IG name at the top to try this game.
I hope you are having a great week, where ever you may be!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls